Colin R. Kuehnhanss


Guest lecturer, Public finance, Vrije Univsersiteit Brussel
2016 - current

Conferences & Workshops

• European Public Choice Society (EPCS) Annual Meeting. Rome, Italy.
• 13th Annual Workshop of the Households in Conflict Network. Brussels, Belgium.
• 3rd International Conference on Public Policy. Singapore.
• 21st Annual Conference on Economics and Security. Brussels, Belgium.
• ZEW Public Finance Conference. Mannheim, Germany.
• European Public Choice Society (EPCS) Annual Meeting. Budapest, Hungary.
• Governance Design Network (GDN II) Workshop on Effective Policy Design. Florence, Italy.
• SABE/IAREP Behavioural Insights in Research and Policy Making. Wageningen, Netherlands.
• ECPR Standing Group EU - 8th Pan-European Conference on the European Union. Trento, Italy.
• European Public Choice Society (EPCS) Annual Meeting. Freiburg, Germany.
• 9th Conference on the Political Economy of International Organizations (PEIO). Salt Lake City, USA.
• Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG) Annual Work Conference. Nijmegen, Netherlands.
• Network for Integrated Behavioural Science (NIBS) Workshop. Nottingham, United Kingdom.
• European Public Choice Society (EPCS) Annual Meeting. Groningen, Netherlands.
• European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) Joint Sessions. Warsaw, Poland.
• CESifo Venice Summer Institute - Behavioural Political Economy. Venice, Italy.
• Flanders Training Network for Methodology and Statistics, Annual Meeting. Brussels, Belgium.


Stockholm School of Economics (12/2017)
Stockholm School of Economics in Riga / BICEPS (09/2017)
Université de Namur (03/2017)
Vrije Universiteit Brussel (10/2016)


6th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting on Economic Sciences. Lindau, Germany. (08/2017)